Tirar / parar ask ou ask.com pesquisa Mozilla Firefox e por google denovo

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Primeiro: delete o toolbar do ask do windows.

Segundo: no lugar onde digita seus endereços www no mozilla firefox digite: ABOUT:CONFIG

Terceiro: Aperte ok (serei cuidadoso prometo)

Quarto: Digite em localizar: Keyword.URL
Vai parecer: http://toolbar.ask.com/toolbarv/askRedi … t=&gc=1&q=

Quinto: Clique 2x e troque por: http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=utf-8&q=

Before Pic: http://kd8cmv.us/change-aboutconfig_keyword1_found.png
After Modified: http://kd8cmv.us/change-aboutconfig_key … hanged.png

Next, in the filter: type in “ask” and look for anything that says ask.com to bring up a smaller, more refined list.

Under “Preference Name” look for “extensions.snipit.chromeURL”.
It will show: http://toolbar.ask.com/toolbarv/askRedi … t=&gc=1&q={sear…
Highlight it, and click “Reset”. This will erase the “Value”. Leave it blank. If it doesn’t, then click “Modify” to remove it manually, click “ok”.
(*note, after closing your about.config window, it will be totally removed from the list)

Before and After: http://kd8cmv.us/change-aboutconfig_key … emoved.png

Next, in the filter, type in “browser” and under the “Preference Name” look for:
For the “Value”, it will show ASK, “Modify” it so it says: Google

Pic: http://kd8cmv.us/change-aboutconfig_key … odifed.png

Then under “Preference Name” find: “browser.search.order.1” and “Modify” it from ASK to Google

Pic: http://kd8cmv.us/change-aboutconfig_keyword8_modify.png

Finally, find: “browser.search.selectedEngine” and “Modify” it from ASK to Google

Pic: http://kd8cmv.us/change-aboutconfig_keyword9_modify.png

I hope this helps everyone.